Yesterday, when I left my babeh at his favorite-place-other-than-home while I went to work, I walked away feeling relieved that he didn't cry as I closed the door behind me and also a little confused at why my bag was so light.

It was then that I realized how much stuff we tote around all day every day to ensure his (our) well being should any circumstance arrise: Diapers and Wipers for a dirty bum, juice or milk in a sippy, a truck or two or maybe a ball, some goldfishies, fruit leather, or pretzels, one or two binkies, a book or two, and somehow an extra pair of shoes always turns up at the bottom of the bag. All that stuff adds up to several good pounds...not to mention MY daily necessities...and when left with a sitter, well, the bag becomes a lot lighter.

I tried to do the traditional "Diaper Bag" thing for a while but learned quickly that carrying a baby, a diaper bag, a purse, and probably a blankie-and-toy wasn't very logical or appealing to onlookers. So, I opted for a not-so-trendy but VERY spacious and VERY useful Hobo bag. I love it. I love how I have to reach in up to my shoulders to find something at the very bottom--the way Mary Poppins did and I love that if we were stranded on a desert island together for an entire day with nothing but my bag, we'd both be perfectly happy.

Its amazing how happy you can be with just a small bag of things useful to you...


  1. a new blog! fun fun! i love this pic of you and Wy walking together. The pics on the other blog that Alaina took are beautiful too. Cute Wy. I miss him. Miss you three:)

    I feel you on the bag thing. When I go out on dates, I keep thinking I am forgetting something b/c my purse weighs .5 lbs instead of 15!

  2. Besides which a hobo bag is just so classy! Looks so good on your classy shoulder. You should post links to hobo bag sales sites. Heh!

  3. p.s. I love that picture. Almost can't be sure it's you, though I know it is--and it CERTAINLY is Wyatt. He already has such a distinctive look, even from behind! What a kid! Who took the photo? Where is it? (You can email me with the answers...)