If I were deemed Queen of anything, I think many could agree that a crown would be worthy for my ability to go off on tangents. Stories that should take only second to tell somehow turn into a scenic route of random details and thoughts that are always intended to give "my point" a more solid foundation...but sometimes just make me sound like an absent-minded professor. I can assure you I'm not absent-minded and I'm not a professor. I'm just someone who might think more than necessary--if that's possible.
So, having had to turn my online ramblings into an invitation-only quarry for my family's life, I have decided (after sweet encouragement from some of my favorite people) to tame all my silly tangents here, in public, for those who might care to read my thought processes without having to LOG IN or EVEN KNOW ME. We'll see how it goes. Encourage me with comments or help me realize my tangents really aren't all that interesting (by NOT commenting) and we'll see how effective this idea really is.

As for now, I'm here to
Tame The Tangents
in my life and just have another
somewhere to write something...

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  1. I LOVE YOUR NEW BLOG! WOO-HOO! how do we advertise? You deserve to be read by the millions!