My first "real" boyfriend called me Princess. Looking back on that whole "first love" experience I might be willing to admit that one of the reasons I feel so head-over-heals for him was because he called me Princess (and because he was was a killer kisser---although, I had never kissed anyone before him, so how would I know?).

I've always held the title of Princess close to my heart because of that boy, so when people say we wives or we mothers should be Queen of our household, I kind of take a step back and wonder if being Princess of a household is a lesser ordination. I'd rather be Princess of anything than Queen, I've decided. Princesses get to wear gorgeous dresses with glass slippers and dance with handsome, dreamy eyed Princes. Heavens, I even think of my hubub as a Prince---a dreamy-eyed one at that. The king, to me, is my dad and the Queen is my mother; kind of like when someone calls me Sister ______ at church. "That's my mother-in-law, thank you. Call me by my Princess name, please."

It may be good to be Queen, but for now, I'm perfectly happy being the Princess of my home...although, what do you then call the children of a prince and princess? Prince once removed???

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  1. You call the kids "your highness" or "prince regent." Don't you think Wyatt looks regal?