We've been doing a lot of looking out the window over the past few days. It's amazing how we made it through several long, hard inside months and with just two weeks of warmness teasing us, we can't seem to digest the pit in our stomachs as we watch the flag stick straight out from the wind (as if it were standing at attention to Mother Nature) and every last flurry of tiny snowflakes dancing outside our window screaming NANNY-HA-HA! SPRING HASN'T SPRUNG YET!

Spring HAS sprung. I know it has. I can feel it in my bones. So can the rest of my family. We've even turned off our heater. Good thing we have plenty of inviting warm blankets...


  1. You amaze me with your drive to write things down. If I could even write in my personal journal once a week...that would be amazing too. Anyway, I love reading your writing, keep going. I'll be checking in often.

  2. You are such a creative writer!
    That picture makes me sad because it shows the building we used to call 'home' and it really makes me miss it. :-(