I've decided I need to stop talking. Not only do I leave most situations thinking that my mouth said WAY TOO MUCH, I also feel like the #1 reason I get into trouble these days is because I opened my mouth when I should have just kept it zipped.

Don't get me wrong. I'm actually a very good listener. And If I am asked to, I can keep any secret for as long as requested. But often I just talk and talk--sometimes just to make someone else feel like they don't need to talk if they seem uncomfortable, sometimes because I just have to vomit out my ever-coming thoughts. But man, my ongoing opinions, theories, and tangents seem to leave me redfaced with that foot-in-mouth syndrom more often than not.
From now on, I'm mute. Or at least until my babeh needs his story time.


  1. No one ever learned anything by talking...

  2. Where then would all my deep thoughts come? When you talk Jess - especially about ethics, doctrine, politics . . . ya know you get my mind a churning. Sure we may not always agree - but you get me thinking! PLEASE PLEASE say all you want - you know the kinda talk I like!

  3. I love that you started this blog! You're a great writer! I will thouroughly enjoy reading it. I know how you feel about the talking thing - sometimes I just sing that John Mayer song in my head to myself...

  4. Aw heck, I think your talking is all terrific! Please don't stop!