Hard boiled eggs are surely the most indicitive sign that Easter is drawing near. I happened to have 18 EXTRA eggs just chillin' (pun intended) in my fridge this week, so we decided that instead of overwhelming ourselves with eggs for every meal, we'd boil them all hard and treat ourselves to eggs when we felt the need for a snack.

The best part of the whole harded (is that a word) egg is the process of smashing it against the counter and rolling the crispness out of the shell until peeling it off the whites is easy. Its almost a liberating motion in and of itself. And then sprinkling salt, pepper, and maybe paprika over each half of the split snack just tops off one of the best non-sweet sweetnesses of spring. I can't wait to dye another batch of 18 eggs with my babeh and hubub in a week or two.

I love hard boiled eggs. Heavens, I love spring. So so much.

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  1. I love deviled eggs too. What's a healthy way to prepare those, without the mayo? I've always had a secret like for them.