Just like Mother Nature so sickly outside
The three of us woke with a nose at high tide
Our throats are a ticklin', we're sneezing a storm
We can't seem to get our poor bodies to warm

We're coughing and sniffling and rubbing our eyes
And sucking on sweet cures all colors and size
The trash cans are stacked full of crumpled up tissue
And we've warn out the saying, "Oh, honey! God Bless You!"

We're keeping the couch feeling loved all day long
As we snuggle with blankets watching movies with song
I guess its a good thing the weather is poor
'Cuz today, sad but true, we won't leave our front door!


  1. I hope you guys start feeling better soon - never fun to feel ill!

  2. You don't know me but I met you once when you were like 5 or something! I am a former student of your mom's when she taught at BYU. I can't tell you how much your mom influenced me and changed my life for the good. She was one of the best teachers I have ever had. You are so lucky to have her as a mom. You probably already know that, but I just wanted to share.

    Jana Mathews

  3. love your poem, sis. also the goofy green guy. Keep it up! It'll make you healthy again in no time!