A splash of thoughts today:

We've had some of our favorite guests stay at our house for the past week living within the walls of our study where our computer also resides, so I've let my attention go toward the living than the linking. The house is empty for now, other than my babeh napping in the adjacent room, so I thought I'd revisit my computer and a few of my internet interests (aka hotmail, blogger, gmail, etc.) and let my brain just talk through my fingers for a bit. Here goes:

The other night at The Ball Game an obviously overweight woman leaned over to her dad who had just commented on her candy arrangement on her lap and said, "Well, Dad, I figure candy is my birth control. The bigger I get, the less anyone will want to have sex with me." I just about burst out laughing. Why would someone brag about something like getting bigger and bigger (besides a woman who is pregnant)? We love going to ball games--but it always amazes us to watch so many fat people (sorry to not have much political correctness here) eating such loads of fattening food and watch already drunk people march down the isles with two filled-to-the-brim cups of beer not spill an ounce on themselves. Its the best people watching I know of (other than parades...)

Sometimes I check people's blogs just to see if what I HOPE I'll see or what I FEAR will see on their blogs finally happens...a pregnancy announcement, a birth, a breakup, an instance I was there to see, an instance I wanted to be there to see...And sometimes I retire blogs that I used to look at because they are too full of pictures or too picture-less. Some people I thought highly of until I found out that they have no eloquence in their writing and others I have gained much respect for because I've discovered their brains are much more intricate than I ever knew. This blogging world has opened my eyes to so much.

Everyone has to wait for something at some time just about every day. Whether it be at the grocery story check out line, for 40 weeks to pass during pregnancy, for someone to call/text them back or for their engine to turn over, for the curling iron/waffle iron/clothing iron to heat up properly, everyone has to wait. Aren't we told that practice makes perfect? Shouldn't we all be good at it, then? Well, I'm awful at it. Waiting is NOT something I'm good at. God knows it. He's constantly putting opportunities in front of me to teach me patience and if I could just master it, I'm sure I could move on to the next life lesson I need to learn in this life.
There is a mystical silence that comes over our community between the hours of about noon to three o'clock. Its the time when most ladies have their babies down for naps--and we're all busily getting things done inside our homes. The pool is less crowded, the mailboxes aren't visited, and if you knock on anyone's door, most women will poke their heads out with a whispered look to them. I like this time of day-not because I like the break from my motherly duties, but because I feel like the overall silence is pretty cool.
More thoughts later...My babeh is waking up...

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