Sure seems appropriate for some of my babeh's jammies to say. We love reading and I've recently discovered a new love for the library. Friends around me have told of their adventuresome visits there and though I grew up frequenting the great palaces of books, my adult life somehow associates them with endless study groups, late night cramming, and worst of all, testing centers...so I have somehow forgotten the fact that libraries are actually filled with fun collections of stories that my babeh and I can explore together before and after naptimes and bedtimes.

I'll happily read him stories.
He doesn't need jammies to ask me...
...even though we LOVE these jamms from his Gramms...

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  1. Those jammies are the best ever. And don't get me started on libraries. Josh and I were at the library more than once a week for years. The librarians all knew us by name, and I definitely had my favorites. One or two of them still recognize us when we go back to the library by our first house. So fun. Books and babies...such a sweet combination.