We got pulled over today.

But we weren't driving. No, we were WALKING. Our city isn't known for an endowment of sidewalks, so we "Walking Girls" just tread along the side of the road faithfully each morning doing our best to stay away from the 8-12 cars that pass us over the span of about 90 minutes.

Today, however, some kind citizen of the driving sort (possibly one of the 12) felt that the police needed to let us know that we could be in danger of getting hit by someone who wasn't watching for us. I actually really appreciate the concern because I certainly would hate to see my son attached safely to his stroller flying through the air after being hit by some driver who happened to somehow miss us 9 women with 9 strollers walking down the road. Its good to be reminded to hug the curb a little closer...

What I don't understand is why are the police more concerned about us, though, when there are people out driving around who aren't capable of seeing such a group on the road who could possibly manage to actually run us over?! It seems like they would be more of a danger...

Oh well, its just more incentive for us to head up for a good walk up the canyon a few days a week...At least we didn't get a ticket.

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  1. That is very funny. It's those moments in life when we have to ask ourselves "Is this for real?" I wish I lived closer and I would beg to be part of your walking party. Right now I only have one walking buddy and wish I could add more!