Last night I dreamt, for the second time this weekend, that some incredible, incurable rage came over me.

In bed last night, I dreamt that over and over again on the way home from somewhere we ran into bad guys who kept bullying us until I learned that the only solution to the frustrations we encountered on our way home was puff myself into a huge, awful, hulk-like being. In order to to this, I had to forcefully focus all of my energy into a glob of anger in order to *POW* and *WHAM* the bad guys out of our path. YUCK.
It wasn't fun to wake myself up from such feelings.

I'm quite certain I'm NOT an inately angry person. As a matter of fact, I hate contention or even feeling like things aren't "cool" between me and someone else. I like to believe that no one really enjoys contention and feeling hulk-sized anger. Its scary to hear of so many scary stories where people really ARE that angry and will do things that are hideous and freakishly mean.

Typically, dreams are incredible. But man, its crazy to feel some feelings and experience some things you'd never want to feel while awake... What would a dream reader say about THESE dreams?

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