You know the saying, "It's the best invention since sliced bread!"? Even though I can't say that I think sliced bread is the GREATEST invention of all time (I actually like cutting my own slices from fresh loaves of bread best), I often take notice of what GREAT inventions we have out there.

Like the Twin Pop Popcycle. Genius!

Not only do you feel like you get TWO juicy treats in one, but you also have the option of saving one for later or sharing one with a friend! And the flavors?! You can't get much better than the banana or rootbeer ones...and the blue ones aren't all that bad either. It seems like they'd become old hat after all these years, but every year I look forward to them more and more.

Ah, twin pops. Best invention since...fresh baked bread that you can cut into yourself. :)

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