I have never responded well to people who feel like they need to tell me what to do and how to do it. Ever.

But I do a pretty good job at telling myself what to do--in fact, I can't go to bed at night without my neatly-written list of TO DO's for the next day beside my bed. I even like to write things and cross them off as I do them (there's a phsycoanalytic term for that, I'm sure), which keeps me fairly busy and fairly on-the-move each and every day.

Today, however, my TO DO list was unusually short (due to getting more than usual done day previous to this one) and, for the first time in a long time, I don't really have too much else to do while my babeh naps. If I were my mother I could easily sit down and read a famous novel for the remainder 2 hours I have of "nap time." If I were my father, I would find some great sporting event on the TV and put my feet up. And if I were my husband, I would pull out a challenging Sudoku or crossword puzzle and lose myself in numbers. But I'm none of those people, so none of those things sounds very appetizing.

So I guess I'll sit here for a few more minutes, replaying a few of the dances from SYTYCD on Youtube, and try to decide how my few moments of solitude should be dealt with. It should be relaxing to have nothing to do...but for some reason, its unnerving.

How silly of me.

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  1. Jess! Thanks for the advice. We'll definitely give that one a try. Not bad!