It seems like everyone has a focal point on which they exert a lot of energy each day. Some days it changes from one thing to another, sometimes someone gets so fixed on one thing that nothing else is clear to them until they can shift their attention.

I haven't been focusing very much on this blog lately. And I apologize to the few of you who have paid attention to it. But visit my/our other blog (it is an invite-needed blog, so if you haven't been invited, you're welcome and invited to leave your email address and I'll invite you in) where I have been focusing more of my attention these days. That blog is more family oriented.....which is why I have been focusing a lot on it. My family is my focus these days, especially since we are less than a month away from adding a new member to it.

And when that happens, I'm sure my own focus will change. But as for now, come visit the other blog...

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