No, this is not me with Sir Shamu of Sea World. But in the next few days we will be knee deep in Sea World Magic where we'll actually get to SEE Shamu in person. (Hasn't there been a Shamu since forever ago? Do you think they'll tell us if this is Shamu the 5th or 12th? Surely Killer Whales grow old...) We'll also visit The San Diego Zoo (don't know if the THE should be capitalized, but it seems appropriate), the beach, and the new Wild Animal Adventure Park.

I'm honest when I say this trip really isn't for me--nor my hubby. Really. Though we've all needed a bit of a family vacation for a while--and our trip just happens to fall over Mother's Day and the month before my hubby's busy summer work--the trip, in my mind, is really for my little Babeh and not at all for us grown-ups. He'll be two this month which means three things (well, it means MANY things, but for these purposes, THREE):

First: He understands, knows, and LOVES animals
Second: If we wait another month we'd have to buy him a plane ticket

and Third: If we wait too many more months, I'll be as monstrous as Shamu and all the other visitors of these great parks will think -I- am the whale or elephant that should be looked at.

This is our window to travel. This is our window to shower my little one in animal delight. This is our window to make some serious memories before the summer blows in knocking us into the pool and out of our normal routine. This will be the start of a whole new collection of memories! Yay!

Other than being terrified that the plane will crash (this irrational fear is rediculous and I wish I could just hypnotize it out of my bones), I'm just as giddy as a school girl to see my babeh dance around in excitement this weekend.

I think my hubby might do the same. He makes me just as giddy...


  1. How do you decide what goes on Taming the Tangents and what goes on your family blog? This kinda seems like a "family" post.

  2. have fun!
    wish i could see Wyatt's face when he's looking at all the animals.
    maybe there will have elephants jumping on trampolines. his ultimate favorite:)