My brain seems to always be tirelessly at work. It tries to solve the problems of the day or come up with a clear (and hopefully clever) way of explaining what's going on in there, or its processing all the new information that has come in.

That's why I set up this other place to write something--to get it all out so that I could sleep at night. But I still can't sleep. And lately, something inside me is slowing my ability to get what I want to write OUT. It may have to do with the cold we've been fighting or maybe with the fact that we've been stuck inside all week without anything new to discover and think about.

I don't know. And I apologize to the three people who check into the things I write. Hopefully the weather will shape up, my brain with turn back on, and this will be an interesting place to look again. Sorry.


  1. Maybe the lovely spring day we're supposed to have tomorrow will be just what you need. I'm hoping it will be just what WE need over here.

  2. Great image! That alone is worth the look. And don't worry about posting on a schedule. Sometimes you just have to let ideas grow quietly under the soil...pretty soon their seed leaves burst from the ground with surprising energy, in amazing shapes. No forcing needed. Get over that cold, take some good naps, and we'll check in--all three HUNDRED of us--soon.

  3. hope you sleep better. it sniffs not being able to fall asleep. i went through that crap in jr. high. i'll pray your mind takes it down a notch and that you can relax better.

    love ya and hope you're feeling alright