I don't know what I did wrong.

We had a good three-week stretch where I was SURE my babeh was nearly all the way potty-trained. He would tell me when he needed to "go" and he happily sat on the toilet whenever I offered him the chance--and he'd actually "GO."

Now, though all he wants to wear are his "big boy pants," he suddenly hates the toilet and screams if I put him near it. He says "uh oh!" moments before he wets/messes his pants but has absolutely no desire or will to do it the way he's done it for nearly a month.
Is this normal? Should I just keep putting him in big-boy-pants or revert back to the diaper? Should I force toilet time or just let him warm up to it again?
Urgh. I have no clue. Help.


  1. Hey Jess- You are an awesome mom! I love watching how much you love and adore and care for your son!

    Potty training- I don't think there is any one way to do it. My daughter was the same way as your son- she would give little warning before going in her pants, and rarely made it to the toilet. For her- wearing underwear was the same as diapers and it didn't bother her that she got all wet. She was my oldest- and so I tried having her go pantless around the house when it was just her and I. (no undies or pants at all). She wanted to find the potty after that, and once it was a habit, we re-introduced undies and she's done well ever since.

    Tyler was fully potty-trained and then told me one day (he's the son with a crazy vocabulary) that he wanted diapers again and did not want to use the potty. He promptly went in his underwear every time he had to go, peed on clean clothes in his drawers, etc. I put him back in diapers for my sanity and he used them for another 6 months. Then he told me he was done with diapers and went right back to underwear- and we haven't had a problem since. He had to make the decision to be potty-trained himself- it couldn't be my idea.

    Good luck! I hope you 2 find what works best for you :) Love ya!! Em

  2. So, I just saw your comment on my blog. I totally got excluded from your family blog and I miss it. You better send me an invite . . . keithandlisaj@gmail.com.

    I hate potty training, it is awful. I have absolutely no advice.

    Your comment on my blog totally cracked me up. I seriously think you look GORGEOUS everytime I see you, regardless of what you are wearing or how much make up you have on. You are just too cute, I am not. I need makeup and clothes to help, believe me. I wish I could wear sweatpants and tennis shoes and look cute, but it doesn't happen. Anyway, please include us on your family blog. We miss you!

  3. Boys are a lot harder to potty train than girls but he will get it. You really can't force them or it makes them not want to do it more. Just keep doing what you were doing before and he will start doing it when he is ready. It will be like night and day. It's frustrating though! I've found that boys really hate to stop playing to go to the bathroom. You're doing everything right. Just try and stay patient. :-) Good luck!!!

  4. I have pretty strong opinions about potty training, so I'm not sure if you want them...

    But because I have a big mouth, here goes:

    Don't make yourself crazy. Wait until he is self-motivated to be fully potty trained. It's worked for me three times and I plan on it working for me again. I think it's crazy-making to have to clean up messes and get frustrated with my little people when eventually it's a piece of cake with close to no messes at all. Just my .02, but of course I'm supportive of whatever you choose. (Josh was REALLY OLD, though, when he was ready. He was well over 3. It worked for him, though and we had no battles. I had seen my friends' struggles with their older children and I wanted no part of the anger I saw in them.)